Siwon’s niece is an artist

Super Junior member Siwon recently revealed via his twitter some cute pictures of his niece’s drawn interpretation of the beloved idol.

He revealed a picture of his niece Yuna proudly holding up her original drawn interpretation of her uncle Siwon. He goes on to show a close up of the drawing as well as the picture she used as a model. The idol stated, “This is a picture drawn by my 4 year old niece Yuna! ‎​My lovely niece.. Blessing 🙂 She drew off of this picture of mine. Isn’t she a genius? Huh? 🙂 love u Yuna always!”

And if that cute picture wasn’t enough, Siwon also posted a picture of himself with his very own drawing for his niece. Along with the picture, he wrote, “I LOVE YOU YUNA 🙂 ♥” Can you guys feel the love between these two? It’s really heartwarming to see such a great relationship between an idol uncle and his adorable niece!


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