Sohee, comment about Heechul being her fan “so I cant show him my natural face” with shy smile

Wonder Girls’ Sohee has shown her shy expression when meeting her own fan Super Junior Kim Heechul.
Wonder Girls have been the guests on the show SBS “Family outing” which was aired on May 30th, on that day, Shin Bongsun said to Sohee “Kim Heechul is Sohee’s crazy fan” which she said “Really ? So I cant show him my natural face”.

Also on that day, Heechul has changed into a quiet person when meeting his ideal girl in Wonder Girls Sohee. Heechul’s face has become red when meeting Sohee for the first time and couldnt say any harsh words. Especially Heechul has given Sohee a nickname “kitty~” and called her that.

Sohee has responded with a chic comment “The animal that I hate most is cat”, but when being asked is there anyone in the member that she wants to record “We got married” with, she said “Everybody knows that I will choose Kim Heechul. But just for one day”.

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