Donghae’s brother and long-lost twin revealed?

Super Junior’s Donghae is definitely one of those idols who update their Twitter account regularly and he has once again generated interest among netizens after uploading two new pictures with his brothers (?) on May 29th.

In the first picture (see top), Donghae is pictured with SHINee’s Minho where he wrote, “With our lovely minho ^^ This is my bro M.H.”

Netizens commented, “Why you look younger than Minho, Little Fish?” “This is your son,” “that’s not your bro you stupid fish! that’s your SON!” etc.

In another picture (below), Donghae poses with fellow member, Kyuhyun and wrote, “We’ve found our Kyuhyun’s long lost twin ^^,” and he really is not joking!

Netizens commented, “This is funny. who is he?” “u guys look so alike,” “Amazing,” “His face looks like DongHae & KyuHyun,” etc

I have to admit that they really look like twins in the second picture!



3 Responses


  2. waaaah I like kyuna opa to much

  3. i’m really wanna know who is Donghae true brother.If he is Minho,i really,really agree..

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