Kangin surprises fans at Super Junior’s fan meeting (Pics)

Having been out of the limelight since his various brushes with the law, fans thought they would not be seeing Kanginagain until he had served his nation.

But they were given a surprise as Kangin appeared duringSuper Junior’s ELF 2nd fan meeting at the Seoul Olympic Park Hall on May 23rd which was attended by fans from Korea, China, Japan, Hong Kong, etc.

In an emotional exchange, with fans mostly in tears, Kangin said, “My members had suggested that I should greet my fans at this occasion before I enter the military,” and he continued, “I hope that you all will continue to show support for Super Junior and the new album. I will work hard in the army and return to you all as a better person. I’m sorry and I’ll be back healthy and well.. 13 of us will be on stage in 2 years so please wait without having an affair.”

Besides this emotional exchange, the Super Junior boys also performedBONAMANACoagulation and Good Person from their new album.

Many thanks to alice@sj-world.et.


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