Chu Gayeol “I had recieved a special confession from Suju Sungmin”

Singer Chu Gayeol revealed that he had received a special confession from member Sungmin of boy band Super Junior.

On the radio show SBS Love FM <Ahn SeonYoung’s radio is good>’s corner “Live! Live!” on May 19th, Chu Gayeol said that he had received a confession from Suju Sungmin saying that he wanted to try playing guitar with him.

Chu Gayeol said “Among the hoobaes Super Junior that I taught how to play the guitar Sungmin is the one who got to play so well very soon” and Sungmin had said to me “If there are chances I want to play the guitar on the stage with you”.

He also said “To see a hoobae like Sungmin’s improvement in playing guitar’s skill I feel very great and my effort didnt go waste” with proud.

Chu Gayeol is a singer of SM, SJT’s “Dont go away” is a remake song of his, Sungmin had performed “Just the two of us” with him at SM concert in Seoul and Chu Gayeol’s X-mas concert last year.

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