Shindong’s cute lie is ?

Super Junior has returned with their 4rd album “” with a new image, sexy, beast idol with six-pack body. However, not all the members were successful with the challenge to have a nice body.

It was known that that member is Shindong, he has revealed his story about diet on a show of SBS E!TV which will be aired at 8PM on May 19th.

Shindong said because of preparing for the album, he went to a health club. When seeing Shindong for the first time, the trainer Seong Yangsoo was like “what should i do with him ?” and “myeong~”* for a moment. And after Shindong went on with his diet & training, he still couldnt stop his desire for food so when he came to the health club in the morning with the swollen face, the trainer asked him why his face is swollen like this and he had to lie that because he couldnt sleep at night.

that’s the expression when you’re so shock/surprised about something that you cant say/think anything

original article is here
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