SuJu ‘Beast Idol’ transformation because of Shiwon?

Recently Idol Group Super Junior has had their comeback and their fans are interested of their title song but also their looks.

They usually showed naughty, fun and attractive side, but differently this time the 10 members have mostly shown off their solid abs and arm muscles. This was then so-called the ‘Beast’ transformation when they were on stage.

After Super Junior has announced their recent 4th album, from the 14th to 16th, they have gone through 3 consecutive shows :KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’, MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ and SBS ‘Inkigayo’ They have performed their title song ‘Miinah’ in front of the audiences.

The Super Junior members have been working out for the stages and have rebuilt muscles and masculinity. The Super Junior members have now transformed into ‘Best bodies’ and this is a hot issue between the fans.

On the 18th, Super Junior’s agency SM Entertainment revealed that “Most of the Super Junior members have been working out for this album and have made their bodies into a piece of art”

Continued, “Super Junior’s (Choi) Shiwon’s hobby is to exercise and he had this hobby since a long tome ago. Building up his body has become one of his things”

Meanwhile, although Super Junior is a 13 member group, this time they have recorded their 4th album with 10 people, their activities will still continue. Kangin will soon leave for the army, Kibum is still expected to focus on his acting career and Hangeng is currently still in conflict with the contract. But this doesn’t mean that those 3 members will withdraw from Super Junior.

News: Star News (Thanks to venus for sharing)
Translations: Seungeun Lee @ SJ-WORLD.NET


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