Hangeng secretly attends Press Conference, returns to Mainland by releasing new album. (2Articles, 1Video)

credit: ifeng
& 눈웃음 (: @ sj-world.net !

New Energy Music Plan Press Conference, Hangeng seems nervous facing experienced musicians.

At the “Red Bull New Energy Music Plan” Opening Ceremony this morning, Super Junior’s former chinese member Hangeng also appeared. His arrival immediately triggered the audience, his loyal fans’ screams exploded the whole studio.

This time Hangeng’s attendance is also to present his work to the five experienced musicians. The five experienced musicians are: Xiao Ke, Zhang Ya Dong, Yuan Wei Ren, Huang Guan Zhong, and Gao Xiao Song. Besides Xiao Ke who was overseas and couldn’t attend the opening ceremony, the other four were all present to support. Facing the four experienced musicians, Hangeng seemed nervous and stuttered a little, and revealed that he was nervous after the MCs many verbal attacks. Good thing there were fans there to cheer Hangeng on. When Hangeng expressed he really wants to participate in this event, and that he’s very greedy, and hopes that all five producers and help him produce his new album, all the fans there started laughing because of Hangeng. The four musicians present also gave Geng face by presenting their opinions about his new album. This caused Hangeng to be so shocked, yet happy he’s loved.

This event is hosted hoping that others can present their musical interests, allowing the Music Industry to have a different future. We also hope after this event, Hangeng will have a High-Quality Album, to officially return to the Mainland Music Industry with!

credit: sohu
& 눈웃음 (: @ sj-world.net !

Hangeng secretly attends Press Conference, returns to Mainland by releasing new album.

Before the start of the press conference, there were rumors, that a secret guest will appear, and present his new album there, but the organizers of the press conference didn’t confirm it. Therefore, all the reporters there looked forward to it. MC Da Zuo teased the reporters, “Not only does he have a handsome appearance and excellent vocals. In recent years, his popularity is climbing higher and higher. By helping South Korea’s Entertainment Company open up the Chinese Market, he also proved to many his value in the Music Industry. He who is returning to the Music Industry, will rise a flag for the potential Idol singers in China!”

At this time, the Press below the stage already guessed that today’s secret guest is Super Junior’s Former Chinese Member Hangeng. After Hangeng came on stage, he immediately presented his new album to attend this “Red Bull New Energy Music Plan”, hoping to have more people know and care about original music, with his own actions. He also hopes that other Musicians with talents can join this event.


100518 Hangeng mentioning a new solo album <eng sub>

Credits to: snowyelf1 @ youtube
Transcripted by: 눈웃음 (:snowyelf @ sj-world.net
Video rip by: onewhomust @ sj-world.net

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