Heechul is like Guardian Angel for Sulli?

When f(x)’s Sulli was asked if any guy celebrities have tried to hit on her, she answered, “There’s nothing like that right now.” Considering how cute and fresh-faced she, as well as the other f(x) members, this confession is quite shocking.

She continued, “Heechul oppa said, ‘If anything like that ever happens, come tell me first.’” Turns out that the two are quite close, and that Heechul is like a guardian angel for Sulli. It seems like Heechul adores his f(x) maknaes, as pictures of him with f(x) members have been floating around the internet.

Regarding her popularity these days, Sulli stated, “I’m always thankful and happy. I heard that Baek Sung Hyun sunbae said ‘Sulli is truth,’ and I was very happy because I’m a fan of him as well.

Credit: http://www.allkpop.com


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