Super Junior ㅡ Ryeowook ‘Thanks To’… Available: HC, YS, SH, SM, KH, RW.

★ Translated by ♥ jubee ♥ at SJ-WORLD.NET

Thank you God.
From your son who it’s difficult to see and difficult to make even one phone call to… Mom and Dad I really miss you… I’m an undutiful son who thinks of my parents today too before I sleep. I love you!
To my brothers who have really taken care of lonely Ryeowookie… thank you… and I’m sorry… I’ll love you forever~ Always be by my side… Jeong Wookie, Bomi noona, Gyeongmi noona, Yeongwookie hyung~ Cute hyung Beom Jinee~ㅋ So cute^^ To all of Ryeowook’s relatives who support me, thank you!^^~
The ones who are always running after us, Yeong Joonie Hyung, Byeong Joonie hyung, Seunghwanie Hyung♥Davin-sama, Jiheonie hyung, Byeong Cheolie hyung… those who cry and laugh while talking about us HeesseuKyungsseu, Mother Sunmi Kong, Jinjoo noona, Bona noona, Carbonara noona, thank you ^^
Thank you to handsome Jinho, Jaewonie, Seon Jinie^^ Dalma~ Yeongjoonie you two go well together~ ^^ I’m jealous~♥ Baby face Sam~ Seong Jinie with the strong butt, also Areumie, thank you ^^ Changmin who’s working hard on dramas~ Yoona~^^Dana noona, Bada noona, Soojeongie who I’m grateful to~, Ggaoh~Seonyeongie^^, yoAmber~ Jongseokie who’s always full of energy, Seonmyeong noona, Leader Han, foresta Hyejung noona, my yoga instructor who looks like Sooae, everyone at Max Fitness. Thank you to my professors at Inha University. To my teaching assistant who is understanding even though I can’t always attend school, my sunbaes and hoobaes, my classmates~ Thank you all~^^
Thank you to Lee Sooman who’s so close to Super Junior, president Kim Yeongmin, and president Nam Soyeong. This album is daebak too~ Yoonjeong noona… I love you~ ^^ The lyrics for Spring Day are the best~! Director Yoo Yeongjin who gave us a great title song~ Beautiful composer Kenzie~ Thank you always~ Noona and Chan Hyeonie hyung, Coagulation is too good~^^ Thank you to Yeong Hoohyeong who we hadn’t seen in a long time, Seong Jehyeong, Tae Seongie hyung, Joon Yeongie hyung~! Yeong Gwang, who remade the great song “Good Person” for us~ Yoo Heeyeol sunbae thank you^^ Composer Kim Jihoo, Composer Yoo Hanjin, you guys are the best^^ Thank you to all the rest of the composers and arrangers~^^ The always busy Director Jeong Changhwan, Seongsoo hyung, Woo Yongie hyung, Minwookie hyung, newlywed Jiseokie hyung, everyone in the SM CHINA family~^^
Thank you to the always first class quality Driver Jin, Driver Lee, and Driver Goo^^ Kya~ To the director of our music video and the photographer who took stylist photos of us for our jacket, and everyone who worked together with us from Step, thank you^^ Director Bak Joonyeong, who was always busy working on our cool music video, Heejin noona who was busy with everything from our concept to our design… Thanks to Jeongeun noona too for doing our makeup so prettily~! Seong Yongie hyung who always came running at difficult or joyful times~ Stylish groom Min Seongie hyung~ Gyeongjae hyung, Gyeongchangie hyung, Endorphin Jenni noona who took care of me^^, Jeongmi noona, Joanne noona who I’m always thankful to, Lee Jeongah noona, Heejoon noona, Areum noona~^^ Kitty Yoonjoo noona, Eunah noona, Sanghee noona, Jiseon noona, Finkles~, Seungjin noona, KAT, Seonggil noona, Hyejin noona, Sonyeong hyung, Wonho hyung~ Jiwook hyung, Seokgi hyungㅋ Thank you kya~
Thank you to the lodging aunt who always took care of us~!! Sanghoonie hyung who always worried with us~ Jaewonie hyung it was hard on you right~ Nick, Devin thank you ^^ My partner Hyerim noona1~ I love you ㅋ My SM entertainment sunbaes and hoobaes thank you all~! ^^ I can’t write out everyone’s names one by one but thank you to everyone in the SM family who works behind the scenes for us!^^ To the ELF who we really couldn’t survive without I love you~^^ Please give lots of love to our album that we put lots of sweat and work into~ I love you ♥ Please miss Ryeowookie a lot in the album.

1 *Hyerim is a choreographer for Suju, and was Ryeowook’s dance partner in SS2 during his solo “Insomnia” performances.


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