Super Junior descends with BONAMANA on Music Core!

ELFs suffered for over a year after Super Junior took a break from the music scene after Sorry Sorry, but it looks likeBONAMANA is definitely making up for the wait… to say that SuJu’s comeback track is a hot issue would be anunderstatement!

The young men returned to the big stage for two comeback performances earlier this week on Music Bank, and tonight they’re gracing the Music Core stage for another live performance.

The boys kicked off their comeback with Boom Boom, an upbeat yet sexy dance track perfect for hyping up the crowd. Super Junior rocked the black suit look back in theirSorry Sorry days, so it’s no surprise that they opted for black again for tonight’s performance as well, albeit with a more casual look. With the hip grooving, ab flashes and sexy dance break, this was definitely a performance for the fans

The members then performed BONAMANA in full in a variety of gray, white and black outfits with an awesome light-up background set. If the music video didn’t excite you for this track, maybe tonight’s performance will help! Check it out here:

They say quality is more important than quantity, but it’s even better if you have both!


Cr video:


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