Leeteuk and Heechul spoken about Shindong’s Confession

Super Junior’s Leeteuk has spoken about Shindong’s love confession to his girlfriend in the “thanks to” section of their 4th album.

On May the 14th, in the KBS building, Leeteuk spoke to reporters in the waiting room of KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank”, saying that “Us members jokingly told him he should get married within the year”.

Shindong is currently dating a non-celebrity girlfriend. Fans figured this out through a message in Shindong’s “Thanks to” section of the 4th album. Fans interpreted Shindong’s secret code as “Hey Nari. Let’s get married. This is a proposal. I want to love you forever”. SM Entertainment has confirmed that Shindong is dating.

Leeteuk said that “The members have met [his girlfriend]” and “She’s a good friend”. He also disclosed the following: “Yesterday when Heechul saw an article fans had written [with the cracked code], he contacted Shindong”, and “Shindong sent a text to all the members saying ‘Sorry'”.

Leeteuk added: “Now I know why Shindong was grumbling in front of his computer when he was writing his thank you note,” and “He said it’s been awhile since we’ve released an album so he apologized again for diverting attention towards himself. We told him it was alright”.

Meanwhile Super Junior came back through their 4th album title song “Hey Beautiful Girl” on Music Bank. They have been receiving attention for the powerful “skate dance” they showed on today’s stage*.

*This literally says “skate dance”… I believe we’ll probably see more of this phrase, but it’s referring to how some of the moves in the dance for “Hey Beautiful Girl” look similar to the movements of both figure and speed skaters.

Original Source. Newsen
Translated by ♥ jubee ♥ at SJ-WORLD.NET
Do not take out without credit.


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