Super Junior ‘reignites’ the great war of idols

Great idols 2PM, Super Junior, and Wonder Girls are making simultaneous comebacks in May, reigniting the great war of idols in the music world.

Super Junior will be making their comeback with their 4th full album, to be released on the 13th.
With Kangin preparing for military service, Kibum involved with acting projects, and Hankyung, currently involved in a lawsuit, this album will involve 10 members.

During this time, Super Junior has been active with personal activities around Asia through dramas, radio, and entertainment.
With their 4th full-length album, they will show more sophisticated and stronger music and performances at a very high level.

Super Junior said, “We received much love for our 3rd album ‘Sorry Sorry,’ so although we felt burdened while preparing for the new album,
now that the the release date is approaching we are feeling more confident,” and “Please look forward to more adult music and performances by Super Junior.”

* Irrelevant parts were cut
Reported by: Park Se Yeon
Credit: NATE News
Translated by 49.5bananas @
Shared By: teukieoppa@SJ-WORLD.NET

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