4th Album Tracklist, price and infos

Tracklist for the album has been revealed and is now up for pre-order on Korean online sites

Sometimes song titles in Korean are not the same as English song titles so I’ve added the translation of the song titles in brackets

# 01. 미 인 아 (BONAMANA) [Beauty]
# 02. 나쁜 여자 (Boom Boom) [Bad Girl]
# 03. 응결 (Coagulation)
# 04. 나란 사람 (Your Eyes) [A Person Like Me]
# 05. My Only Girl
# 06. 사랑이 이렇게 (My All Is In You) [love (is) like this]
# 07. Shake It Up!
# 08. 잠들고 싶어 (In My Dream) [Want To Go To Sleep]
# 09. 봄날 (One Fine Spring Day) [Spring Day]
# 10. 좋은 사람 (Good Person)
# 11. Here We Go

There are two versions A and B, version A is scheduled to be released on the 13th but version B is expected to be released on the 20th.

The album will cost 12,500won

슈퍼주니어(Super Junior) release of 4th album event!
“Super Junior Special Photocard” for limited edition only~
* Photocards consist of picture of each member and one with all of them together, each CD comes with a random photocard (Jacket sleeve of version A and B are different )

Credits yes24 and kyobo
Translated by Alice @ sj-world.net


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