Hangeng: The Volunteer ambassador loves China’s culture the most

Holding the volunteering idols certificate, he was letting the journalists and reporters to capture this ‘precious moment’. Yesterday morning, the popular idol Hangeng came to Baosteel stage at the Expo site. He sang a live performance of the theme song ‘The World Watching China’ at the Chinese Element (Provinces Activity Week) Conference. He also received the volunteering idols certificate given by Shanghai Expo Volunteer Department.

Being Extremely Excited For Performing In Shanghai Expo

Hangeng told the reporters that he felt very fortunate and excited to be able to perform on the stage at the Expo Site. “It’s really exciting, I’m especially proud of the Chinese Element Section!”

In the Chinese Element teaching areas, there are different sections with themes of weaving textile, pottery, fan-makings, Chinese paper cutting, tea art and other talents etc, each sections showing different Chinese traditional cultures. Hangeng visited the sections one by one with interest, and after asking an old master to teach him pottery, he even tried making one by his own. “I’ve never had such kind of feeling before, being one part of the Chinese Elements; the experience gained is surely real, I feel really happy and relaxed.”

Using His Influence To The Public To Be A Good Volunteer

Although after bearing all those hardship and finally became an ex-member of a 12 people popular Kpop band, Hangeng still wanted to develop his career in his own country. Regarding to this, he said “I’ve been studying Chinese national culture while I was in Minzu University of China. I have been to many historical sites and I love Chinese Culture very much.” Hangeng had learnt 56 National dances, and even knew martial arts, he has been one of the three members in a gagster group while he was in university. People from other countries wouldn’t know how deep his feelings and devotion towards National culture, even the fans wouldn’t understand his inner feelings. Geng seems to be a lively and cheerful person, but back in Korea, he has always been the ‘silent kind’. His group member would always ask him “Why is Hangeng Hyung always reading book alone?” Sometimes on TV shows, Hangeng would also try to avoid the camera. He explained, “It’s because of difference in language that makes communication difficult, and because of different culture that made me unable to blend into their society.”

Although Geng still haven’t got out of the contract problem, he had already come back (China) and entered the entertainment industry, and was supported by many mainland fans. Being at the World Expo this time, he said “I will treasure the identity of being a ‘Volunteer’, and I’m going to use my influence as a singer to be a good propagandist of Chinese culture.”

Source: labour-daily
Translated by 3unam @ sj-world.net


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