(Old News) Used to wear a mask to perform, Hangeng presents Michael Jackson’s Dance on the 11th in Shen Zhen

Used to wear a mask to perform, Hangeng presents Michael Jackson’s Dance on the 11th in Shen Zhen

The very popular song “Sorry Sorry” hiding behind the bitterness of the Chinese member! The famous boyband in Korea, Super Junior’s Chinese member Hangeng is going solo, and recently, he confirmed receiving unequal treatment while he was still in Korea. The reason is because he is a foreigner, when he first debuted, he had to wear a mask in order to perform on-screen, as if he was Super Junior’s backup dancer. Now, it’s finally his turn to be the lead, on the 11th he will be on Mainland China Music Award Festival, performing Michael Jackson’s dance which he had practiced hard.

While humming a Chinese love song, Super Junior’s Hangeng had shed tears, whereas in some MV he may look really sad. In real life, as the first Chinese singer who got himself a place in the Korean Entertainment industry, receiving that kind of unfair treatment is as sorrowful. Koreans, outside of their country, are creating big waves of the korean culture, but regarding the other countries artists, they are very limiting. Hangeng could only appear on 3 TV channels to perform. As for the TV channels which he couldn’t appear on-screen, they were afraid to go against the law, which will result as Hangeng being deported outside the country, they had him wear a mask to perform. Those who didn’t know would think that he was part of Super Junior’s dancers. Hangeng had personally confirmed that in his recent interviews.

As to forge his name in Korea, Hangeng was so busy that he almost ruined his stomach. Now that he is going to terminate his contract, engaging himself in a lawsuit, Monday he will start all over again, in Shenzhen, on the Music Festival, he will perform Michael Jackson’s dance as to pay him respect. Recently, Super Junior has been “attacking” the Chinese entertainment industry, they also have a Chinese album and there is still a lot of members that actually do speak Chinese. However, Super Junior M’s concert in Taipei, even if Hangeng wasn’t there, this boyband has collected 63 500 000 Taiwan Dollars ($2 millions in US). How big must it be affecting as Hangeng is leaving the group, this deserve more observation on it.

News source: ETTV News reporter Zhang Shun Fen, Pan Kai Feng
Credit to: NOWnews
Translated by: snowyelf @ sj-world.net
Checked and confirmed by: 눈웃음 (: @ sj-world.net
May be taken out with full credits


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