Hangeng sing the opening theme song of the Chinese Culture event

The Chinese Culture activities was held on May 2nd in the morning Singer Hangeng appeared to sing the opening theme song

East Day’s journalist Qi He, Wang MingZe reported on May 2nd: Today, at 10:30 AM, the Chinese Culture activities for Shanghai’s World Grand Expo was held on the Baosteel stage at the Expo, the scholar Yan Cong Nian and the singer Hangeng appeared to help out.

Hangeng, on the spot, performed by singing the theme song for the Chinese Culture, <The world’s watching China>, he expressed to the journalists, he himself is strongly feeling that the Chinese Culture is about the modern, international and popular cultural elements that forms one. Therefore, he “will show a rather healthy and energetic Chinese representative, without having too much difficulties to promote the Chinese Traditional Culture”.

It has been revealed that the Chinese Culture activities was organized by the World Grand Expo in Shanghai’s coordination office and the 31 provinces together with Hong Kong and Macau who joined to help, creating five days in a row rotations formations, held at the same time on the Baosteel Stage and in the Festival Square.

Credits to: Xin Min.cn
Translated by: snowyelf @ sj-world.net

May be taken out with full credits


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