100403 YG Magazine, April 2010 Issue

Super Junior & SNSD, Sweet Sweet Love Couple

When SuJu meets Soshi, what kind of chemistry would form? You’re right! It’s a beautiful and unforgettable sight! The biggest boy and girl bands in Korea – Super Junior and Girls Generation have a very high status in the entertainment industry today! Regardless of music, musicals, variety programmes, or even MCing, they have a good place in all fields. Not only does each member have their own special personality, they play important parts in their groups. As expected the three newly emerged pretty boy pretty girl couples shine so brightly that one is unable to even stare and point at them. In their fan’s heart, what kind of roles do they play?

Leeteuk’s ideal type
“I like kind-hearted, smart and innocent girls, it’s best if she were not that tall. In the past, I took note of outer appearance more, but now I feel that the overall feeling is most important.”

There’s a reason behind why Leeteuk is called “Angelteuk”
The reason why Leeteuk gave himself this nickname “Teukie Teukie Angel” is because he was born on a rainy day. He even described himself as an angel sent down to earth by God! No doubt, Leeteuk is kind, like an angel, secretly taking care of his members and being a filial son. To the members, even though he lacks the strict dominance, but he is an understanding leader. On variety programmes, he always motivates the members and hoobaes from behind, allowing them to have screen time and chances to display their skills. Although he jokes around with the members during interviews, at the end he never forgets to praise his own members. He is very sensitive, as long as it touches his heart, he would tear immediately. During a certain variety show, Kyuhyun had just returned to the group after meeting with a serious car accident, and on seeing Kyuhyun healthily stand in front of everyone and sing, moreover performing so well, Leeteuk could not help but have a face full of tears. At that time, he felt that because everyone was together, it was such a happy thing! Even though Leeteuk has a child-like look, in his sunbaes’ hearts he is the most dependable! Before Donghae’s dad passed away, he asked Leeteuk to take care of Donghae; Leeteuk’s sister said that he is a strong & stubborn kid… even if he is loves to cry, gullible and has a soft heart. That is because his tears contains happiness, sorrow, gratefulness, reluctance & thankfulness!
Eloquent…, Leeteuk’s Achilles’ heel is foreign languages?!
Though Leeteuk is the leader of Super Junior their spokesperson, he also has a definite place in the DJ field and MC of variety shows field. Even when there’s a sudden situation on set, he is able to change according to the situation, it can be said that he is quick-witted, smart, and has great oral skills! Stillhe thinks that he’s still inadequate, for example his Achilles’ heel is foreign languages! Especially the international language – English, when he travels to other countries then he realizes that when it’s time to make use of books, the usefulness of books is hatefully small. Ah~ Like when Taiwan F4’s Vanness Wu went to watch their concert, and then went to the backstage to find Siwon. Seeing Siwon speaking rather fluent English and Chinese, both of them started chatting happily, and Leeteuk was very jealous of Siwon~ Leeteuk even revealed that that there was once when he was at a hotel overseas, because he accidentally spilled Coke on the blankets, so he went on the net immediately to find the English translation for “blanket”. But there were so many results to his search, so he chose the easiest one, and called the reception. Who knows, the hotel staff brought along an army-style blanket?! Eunhyuk then suggested to let the staff see the blanket which he dirtied, and Leeteuk raised the blanket, saying “This! This~”. Thinking of it now, Leeteuk feels that he should really improve his English!

Kyuhyun’s ideal type
“I used to like girls with beautiful legs, after that I liked girls with pretty foreheads, now I like girls that care only about me & that are filial~

Maknae Kyuhyun is a great student but a total failure at cooking!
How many people know that Kyuhyun is a Math genius? If it wasn’t for him revealing it in a show, (I) believe that not a lot of people would know that he got a big prize in the Math Olympiad in Korea! According to reports he’s currently studying ‘Post Modern Music’ in university, and it was his diligence before debut that got him into this course! Even though Kyuhyun has high academic qualifications, but he cannot enter the kitchen, simply because he has no cooking skills! Like during the first time when he moved into the dorm, the members requested for him to cook noodles for them. In the end, he added too much water, and ended up being called “Han River noodles” by the members. There was another time when he wanted to eat sausage, so he asked Ryeowook, who’s good at cooking, for some tips. Ryeowook told him to add some oil to grill, but he thought it was sesame oil… From then on, the members forbade Kyuhyun to cook! Even so, he is still the magnae everyone loves dearly! Although they would tease him sometimes, but they also “revere” him a little at times, becase of his sharp tongue, not only that but his few words are all direct & straight to the point! Yeah! Actually Kyuhyun doesn’t remain silent to act cool on purpose, he’s just clear that he’s the maknae, he should let his hyungs speak. But if he has the chance, he wants to say a few words of gratitude when receiving awards too, let us anticipate!

Kyuhyun’s energy source comes from travelling!
Kyuhyun has a sister, and it can be said that the both of them are geniuses in the music world,and also have very high artistic attainments. Kyuhyun and his sister share a close relationship, his sister even uses addresses him as “son”! When his older sister has some problems, Kyuhyun would definitely be her number 1 listening ear, the best listener! When his sister is upset, he would joke around to make his sister smile, or send an sms to care about her. This makes his sister very grateful, thankful ro have this “son” (brother) to be by her side! Kyuhyun doesn’t need anyone to worry about him and is very independent. Everytime he travels to a another country, he would take some pictures and share it with the fans. He also went to Japan alone, and without much planning, carrying his luggage he went travelling unworriedly! Because cab fares in Japan is very expensive, Kyuhyun walked, and even when he did get lost, he would acknowledge it, but continue to sightsee! When he sees a scene he likes, he would ask a passer-by to help him take a photo. Of course, he would meet a few Korean tourists halfway, and they would be saying in low voices, “He looks like SJ’s Kyuhyun!” Afterwhich Kyuhyun would say, “Nice to meet you” and waved goodbye to them, making them shocked!

Siwon’s ideal type:
“I like girls who have pretty eyes, have a gentle & kind personality, are filial to her parents, & who understand and love me. She can have lived a totally different life, but she has to know how to live each day.”

Siwon’s image is that of a gentleman on the outside, & a clingy person on the inside
Those who know Siwon would agree that he is a small adult. Besides his matured appearance, he is very polite & humble, even if he is meeting one for the first time, he would be very friendly. If you were to compare how different he is from his role in his latest’s show <Oh! My Lady>, words like ‘explosive temper’, and ‘proud’ would never link to him!. There are people who say that Siwon is like a very perfect “statue” of a gentleman, regardless of his standing posture or sitting posture it all looks like a perfect poster, it’s perfect from any angle. But once in front of his close SJ members, he’s gentleman image is gone! He loves to act cute to his members, and loves to hug others. Be it on stage or in private, he would grab the opportunity to have “skinship” with the others. Even though everyone is used to his sudden hug actions, they would still feel annoyed at times. It’s all because Siwon just loves to stick to them so much!

Siwon’s nickname “perfect boy of the century” can be backed up!
Siwon’s family is affluent, & from young he has had a great upbringing. He knows how to be considerate to his fans, has a good personality, his looks are so stunning until he doesn’t even seem human. In the eyes of this fans, he is a perfect flower boy with nothing to complain about. Even in leader Leeteuk’s eyes, he is the “perfect” type! It is all because ever since he was a baby he already was so pretty, so when he grew up he then has a “global face*”. Originally Leeteuk wanted to say that nobody can be perfect, but there just has to be a child like Siwon who works so hard, even his muscular body makes Leeteuk sigh deeply~ As to the praises that he receives the outside from the people around him, Siwon still thinks that he has his weaknesses! For Siwon who views every issue earnestly, this instead is both his good & bad point! Although everyone gives his “chocolate abs” high praise & a lot of attention, but he thinks that as compared to the importance of training up your body, the experience he gets from acting is most important. What he means is that he hopes that everyone would take more note of his acting skills. What more, being an artiste who specialises in acting is his ultimate goal!

*(direct translation) meaning his looks are well liked by everyone

Source: YG Magazine, April 2010 Issue
Translation by: MondayRomance@sj-world.net
Proof-reading and editing by: fragment@sj-world.net
Take out with full credit


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