Suju Kim Heechul, funny comments “Good vs Bad example of Aegyo”, about youngstreet’s photo

Super Junior Kim Heechul has brought a lot of laughter to netizens by his own good and bad example of aegyo.

The pic of him and IU which was posted on April 13th afternoon has been named as “Good and Bad example of Aegyo” which is making a lot of people laughing. The first photo was IU with a cute expression and Heechul with a cute “V” pose but the second photo was Heechul with a weird expression, he puffed his cheeks and opened his eyes so wide which had ruined IU’s impression about him.

Netizens left comments after seeing the photo likes “Please show us the first aegyo”, “Heechul-ah, it’s not right!”, “IU is so cute”

Note : the first pic is “good example of aegyo”, the second pic is “bad example of aegyo”, and if u still dont know, “aegyo” is being cute/doing cute expressions & act

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    Hannah PETERSON

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