E.L.F. 2nd generation official fanmeeting!

Last year SM opened E.L.F. fanclub again to a new generation of fans E.L.F. 2기. Last time the official ELF fanclub was opened was in 2006after dancing out release!!
E.L.F. 2기 subscription was only available to the fans who are korean or live in Korea unfortunaly, not for international fans…

They had already announced a fanmeeting to take place in may a few weeks ago before giving out an official date, but we just got an official announcement from SM! Super Junior will meet with their fans again on may 23rd for the < Super Junior Official Fanclub E.L.F. – 2nd Fanmeeting >

▷ Date : 2010 / 05/ 23 (sunday)at 7pm
▷ Location : Olympic park Olympic hall
▷ Ticket : seats 33,000wons (~30USD)
▷ organised by : S.M.ENTERTAINMENT
Super Junior Official Fanclub – E.L.F.2기
▷Ticket sell open : 2010 / 04 / 26 (Monday) 8pm
▷ reservation place : Gmarket (http://ticket.gmarket.co.kr)

In the text they point out that some of the super junior members may not participate in this fan meeting (Can’t be worse that the 1000 day of the group showcase where only SJH was there… -_-)
It also said that you have to be a E.L.F.2기 , a Gmarket member and to pay the ticket to join the fanmeeting.
They then say that to make the oversea fan participate, there will be an official tour in oversea countries (they do not say which) and that the informations about it will be up soon!

Finally, according to a fan at Sj-market.com, this is how the concert hall looks like:

We obviously dunno if they will change the stage like they did with sushow. Anyway this is not just a concert this is a showcase, that means a lot of talks and funny stuff (like the first event in japan), not only songs~


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