The most popular pretty boy in the whole of Asia, Choi Siwon, who’s in ‘Oh My Lady!’

From Lee Shinyoung (Park Jinhee), the 30 year old strong female news reporter in <The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry>, who was fiercely chased after by cute little Kimbum who was 10 years younger, couldn’t bear to give up the passionate love & instead granted him a deal where they would go out for ten days. To <Oh! My Lady>, where Choi Siwon & Chaerim this ahjumma sparks fly as they meet – this guy who is called the most popular male pretty boy star in Asia, on one hand he strips off his top to let this ahjumma wash it, on the other, he pushes & refuses to let his first love through the door due to ahjumma’s child. People who saw these couldn’t help but exclaim, “the ahjusshi time is over, the ahjumma time has arrived.
ahjumma sorta refers to middle aged women, & ahjusshi to middle aged men. the rest of the article expounded on what is an ahjumma so i didn’t translate that. & sorry if whatever i translated doesn’t make sense. i just translated whatever i read & since i’m not following the drama, it’s difficult to know if i’m misinterpreting some vital part, so please correct me if i’m wrong. thanks.

original; shiwon’s baidu bar
translation credits; fragment @
found & requested by; yeyebaby @
may take out with proper credits, BUT NO ADDING YOURSELF IN THE CREDITS!


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