Leeteuk, Hyunah(4minute), Jinun(2AM) cheer together to all Korean football player in ‘FIFA World Cup 2010’

[Mydaily Kang Seonae reported]

April 8, 2010 time 3.30 pm. Main Headquarters of SBS, Mog neighborhood, Yangseon county, Seoul. there had press conference about special TV Program for 2010 FIFA World Cup ‘Project for people-wave the Korea flag’. Hyun Ah revealed “When 2003, I’m elementary school pupil. I can remember that time I wore red shirt to cheer Korean Team too and if I can be cheer FIFA World Cup Sport Player in this year. I can accept about my schedule.”

For ‘Project for people-wave the Korea flag’ project is TV program which moderator are Lee Hwi Jae, Kim Min Joon, Lee Young Eun, Hwang Hyun Hee, Jang Yoon Jung, Narsha-Brown Eyed Girls, Leeteuk-Super Junior, Jung Jin Woon – 2AM and Hyun Ah-4minute. They’ll flight to South Africa for being the agent of Korean for send the hope to all Korean Team.

For being part of Korean who can’t be go to football field in South Africa of this year. The staff has organized for collect the picture of Korean face over 1 Million for making The Big Korea Flag (20×30 meters., 100 Kilogram.) and take this to South Africa for cheer together to Korean Team Sport Player. For this activity, it’s used the money about 1.3 billion won. This Big Korea Flag will used first in preliminary round between South Korea and Ecuador at May 16, 2010. After filming in Korea has been finished. All of they will fight with Big Korea Flag to South Africa, FIFA World Cup organizing place.

Producer Lee YeongJun revealed “I’ve thought that How can I make everyone to be part of cheering 2010 FIFA World Cup, After I’ve hard-thinking. At that time, I saw red flag at 1999 then my thinking was begin for a short time that “how about it, if I’ll make the flag again.” He described about beginning of this activity.

He added “Category of this activity may be ‘Variety-Documentary’ because there’s release all of how to making the flag in documentary style including there’s entertainment in entertain style in this TV program too.” He said “After we’ve done for the recording in Korea, we’ll be on the air. I want to do something like ‘Tears of South Africa’ like MBC’s ‘Tears of Amazon'” He said that he wants to be part of taking the flag of impression by being agent of all Korean.

Korean to Thai Translated by pingbook.com/news
Thai to English Translated by sonethloveshizz at sj-world.net

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