Hangeng’s newest photos sunny and bright; May have performance at 10 Year Celebration

Hankyung’s newest photos sunny and bright; May have performance at 10 Year Celebration

Early morning on April 2nd, Music Billboard’s (MB) official website consecutively released two of the newest photos of Hankyung, revealing also that Hankyung may be attending the Mengniu Dairy MB10 Year Celebration (MBTYC) to be held in Shenzhen on April 11th. After multiple checks by the reporter, the two pictures are definitely new. In the pictures, Hankyung’s expressions are bright, and he seems to be positive, not appearing to be affected much by his contract lawsuit. I* contacted the Anniversary Event Board, and the representative expressed that there has been close contact with Hankyung, and that the possibility of an amazing performance is not excluded.
Mengniu posted two blog entries, revealing consecutive pictures on its website of Hankyung in the early morning of April 2nd at around 2 AM. The user “Music Billboard” wrote: “Just received two new pictures from Hankyung, guaranteed exclusive. Further exposing that on April 11th, Hankyung will be in Shenzhen attending the 10 Year Celebration. This was heard in the afternoon outside the office of the supervisor, so it is true, I definitely did not hear wrong.” From the phrasing, this blog post was definitely posted by a staff member. I compared with other media outlets and Hankyung’s Baidu Bar, and verified these are indeed the newest pictures of Hankyung.

New pictures have positive attitude, bright and warm

From the first picture released, Hankyung is wearing a white Western-style outfit; the vest is also white, with his hands in his pockets, and hairstyle largely unchanged from his Super Junior period. The necklace charm becomes the focal point of this white outfit. In the second picture Hankyung’s style obviously changes drastically, with a black and white striped shirt, appearing graceful. Having just ended a period of reclusion, Hankyung’s spirits seem good, and the pictures convey a kind of warm, sunny feeling. His contract dispute with his company will be clear I April, and one can tell he does not feel pressure toward this. Although the pictures were released in early morning, there were immediately lots of netizens discussing, with “handsome”, “cute”, and “reverse growth**” becoming the main contents.

10 Year Celebration, Hankyung may have performance segment

As to participation in the MBTYC, I called the representative Ms. Yu for confirmation, but her cell phone was turned off until 8 AM April 2nd. Ms. Yu said, “Mengniu has been having close communication with Hankyung, and very much welcome his participation in the 10 Year Celebration. The two pictures were provided by Hankyung for reference in organizing events.” In relation to board staff revealing the pictures, Ms. Yu stated that it would be taken care of.
Prior to now, Hankyung had sealed off all information until a week ago, when he officially made new movements. Through the revealing of pictures by MB, it seems unintentional, but surely is a result of deep thought. MBTYC will occur April 11th; by then Hankyung and Korea’s SM’s contract dispute result may already be known. MB, as a highly recognized music event in the industry, attracts attention from the media for the gathering of superstars. Hankyung’s attendance is eough to prove that he wants to give the Chinese music market a go as a free person.

* actually referring to himself in the 3rd person, which is unnatural in English so I just use “I”
** don’t really know what this meant…

source : here
translated by kaorupanda@sj-world.net
may take out with full credits


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