Eeteuk and Donghae visited the “House peacefully” in VietNam

” Music for the unfortunate “

This is an article on vietnamnet. Eeteuk and Donghae oppa is not about the other six stayed as a volunteer at the House peacefully

Updated 16:21, Monday, March 29, 2010 (GMT +7)

Two South Korean singer and band Super Junior Donghae and Eeteuk visited the children are victims of trafficking exchange.

End performances opening was held on March 27 at My Dinh Stadium, Hanoi with the subject MTV Exit Live in Hanoi pm on 28-3-2010 exit MTV representative in Vietnam with the artist group Korean music Super Junior Donghae and Eeteuk visited the children are victims of trafficking in currency project “House Binh yen” of the Center for Women and Development Association of Women in Vietnam.

In House Binh yen two male singers group SJ, representatives MTVexit and USAID visiting model peacefully Center, meet and chat cordially with representatives of the house, Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuyet – director Center and Ms. Le Thi Thuy co-director of project “House Binh yen.
Ms. Le Thi Thuy Director Center for suppliers who YEN model house to support the victims are women and children trafficking and domestic violence of the Center for Women and Development in Central Union side Women Vietnam with the sponsorship of several organizations in the country and internationally as Ford Foudation, Office of Cooperation and Development of Switzerland, UNICEF … ..

Representative bands and visitors spent the most considerate encouragement, spiritual gifts mean most, to encourage and expect children to overcome the pain of division.

He feared no period when talking about the unfortunate victims of human trafficking, children are the victims of trafficking who wish to send to visitors from the emotional heart of his, the more joy and services supported as health care, counseling and vocational psychology they have been in the House in Binh Yen. Face filled with joy, they used their own hands the products they make such as scarves, postcards, wool scarf as a gift for the guests of this friendly.

MTV Exit (End Exploitation and Trafficking – Termination of victims of exploitation and trafficking) is a national program of music to the propaganda campaign against trafficking, is operated by the MTV Europe Foundation Agency for International Development U.S. (USAID) and the Agency for International Development of the Australian Government (AusAID).

MTV Exit was born in Europe in 2004, to 2007 has expanded the scope of activities throughout Asia. In two years, MTV Exit held 15 performances throughout Asia, passing through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Nepal, Taiwan, Philippines and now the names. Program campaign against trafficking of MTV Exit program is extremely meaningful in the propagation of trafficking are pressing social causes today, scale all over the world.

* Minh Nguyet


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