Chinese ELF’s message, “From now on..”

NOTE: this message does not mean Hangeng is officially a former member of SJ. The case is still ongoing.

From now on, I am Hangeng’s fan, and is also an ELF.

From now on, I will watch a 12-people concert, and continue to support a 1-person movie.

From now on, I will learn to get use to a SUJU without seeing Hangeng.

From now on, I will start to enjoy Hangeng shining on his own.

From now on, and until forever, I will never forget the stage of thirteen, and forever love the smiling faces of thirteen.

Hwaiting Hangeng, Hwaiting Suju.

No matter when and where you are, the pearl sapphire blue sea will be screaming for you,

The support, as long as you are always smiling, we will be happy

SUJU isn’t easy, ELF isn’t easy,

13 is forever, even though there will be a day where every ELF need to fulfil 14 different roles*,

Do not hestitate to believe, we love you guys.

T/N: *  this means the role of the ELF herself/himself, plus (if that is the case) supporting all 13 members individually.

credit: superjunior baidu bar
translations by minoko2440 @
Take out with Full credits and do not add your own!


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