Super Junior in Vietnam for MTV Exit

9:30 SUPER JUNIOR has set foot in Vietnam. And they will perform 4 songs?

At exactly 10 AM, the faces familiar to thousands of Viet fans appeared at Noi Bai airport. Blue balloons shook everywhere, the smiles, the tears, followed the members of Super Junior when they stepped from the car to My Dinh stadium. There, Super Junior rehersed a total of four songs.

12:53: SuJu has exited outside from gate B and boarded the car to go to lunch. But currently there are still many fans waiting to glimpse SuJu even though they went out a different gate.

12:30: Super Junior boarded the car to go eat lunch, probably a Daewoo*, then there was news that the group will check in at the hotel on Hoang Dieu street at 2pm.

12:15: Super Junior rehersed a total of four songs at the MTV EXIT stage – My Dinh. Outside the stadium, fans sang along with the lively beat of “Sorry Sorry.”

11:18: News from the HHTO group** at the hotel: right now there are almost 100 fans waiting at Fraser Suites hotel. The atmosphere greeting SuJu is still relatively calm because the boys already appeared and were ready to perform at My Dinh. They (the fans) have waited there (at the hotel) since 9AM.

Every car which approaches the hotel will be mistaken by fans to be SuJu and (they) would yell loudly “Super Junior! Super Junior.” These fans here have not yet known that SUJU are actually rehersing at My Dinh. The security at the hotel was increased.

10:58: Kyuhyun suddenly raised two hands to shake a fan’s hand at My Dinh stadium. She* burst into tears after being lucky enough to shake hands with Kyuhyun and Ryeowook.

10:57: Super Junior is currently at My Dinh stadium to reherse.

10:45: News from the crew at Super Junior’s hotel: right now no customers are allowed to sit in the hotel lobby. If anyone (even a customer who has already booked a room) by any chance happens to sit there, they will lose their room reservation immediately. Security has been tightened to the upmost to ensure the safety for Super Junior while they are in Vietnam.

10:37: According to the news from the crew at the hotel, security is very tight. No customers of any type are allowed to check in before noon. Everyone, even if already booked a room a few days before will have to check in after 2PM.

10:24: The parking area at Noi Bai airport is already packed with cars to greet SUJU; these areas were reserved by SUJU fans. Right now there are still a lot of fans crying after seeing Super Junior in person.

10:19: According to our reporter, Super Junior will go straight from the airport to My Dinh stadium to reherse.

10:15: The moment they saw Super Junior, many fans at the airport burst into tears.

10:11: When the fans yelled loudly “Super Junior! Super Junior!”, inside the car bearing the plate number 29Y 5586** a Korean boy surprsingly opened the window curtain to take a look.

10:00: Unlike the predictions, Super Junior still exited the airport via the normal route. The members of Super Junior stepped out from the waiting room before the screams of almost 3000 fans.

9:45: Most of the fans waiting outside Noi Bai airport could be tricked, Super Junior has a large chance of exiting through a different route. Right now the atmosphere of anticipating SUJU at Noi Bai airport is very high. All the fans right now only hope to be able to see their idols in person.

9:31: There are about 10 Korean staff sticking close to SUPER JUNIOR. The fans were excited. The whole waiting area at Noi Bai airport is currently packed, fans all rushed to the area and constantly chanted “Super Junior! Super Junior!”

9:30: SUPER JUNIOR has arrived in Vietnam!!!

9:20: The other people arriving at the airport were all very surprised when they saw the long lines of fans in an orderly line.

9:08: Currently, Noi Bai airport has about 3000 fans waiting for Super Junior. Many fans from Sai Gon have been waiting at the airport from yesterday night. The security force was effective, so SUJU fans lined up orderly and civilized. They will no doubt follow Super Junior’s car back to their hotel and then straight to My Dinh.

Translated by: Sessasha @
Take out with full credits.

* Talking about the type of car SuJu probably was in. No idea why it’s relevent. -.-
** The reporters of this news organization.
* There was a person’s name here, but I just replaced it with ‘she.’
** Not sure why it was necessary for the article to include the car’s license number. -_- If this information is inapproriate, mods please edit.


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