Super Junior dazzled fans, super junior on malaysia’s newspaper

Dazzled! That is the conclusion that translates great performances ‘boy band’ the world’s largest staffed by 13 people handsome boy at Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur recently.

Their presence to the capital recently saw that they had a huge influence among the youth.

For three hours, the success of the concert Super Junior The 2nd Asia Tour Super Show 2 Live In Malaysia 2010 to bring the audience with their aura.

In fact,With their presence they have bring a great influence among the youth.

Strong performance coupled with melodious singing, dancing and fascinating visual design stage and play a great enough energy to make 15,000 spectators in attendance did not dry-dry from the beginning until the expiration of the concert.

Although the present of 34 songs, the audiences who attend do not feel tired and always entertaining to see the behavior of 10 out of 13 members of Super Junior is Coming to Malaysia then.

As early as 4 o’clock in the evening, thousands of fans of Super Junior who is also known SJ or Suju is starting to flood the yard stadium even though they are only allowed to enter the stadium at 6 pm.

Various modes can be seen from Suju fans comprising mainly of young women.

Many wore blue is the color theme Suju, but there are some who bring a variety of gifts to give to their idols.

Opened the presentation, and ThomsJack Iqwal provide enough energy presentation accompanied with dance movements are agile and invites viewers to attend the cry.

The boys have not arrived yet, but the stadium has already filled with 15,000 spectators to the tumultuous cheers of the fans who were mostly girls.

Once the stadium lights dimmed, the crowd screaming loud to cry “Suju ‘and the name of their favorite team.

When they make a gimmick to come out in every corner of the different audience reactions seem increasingly out of control.

Hee chul, Si Won, Kyu Hyun, Ye Sung, Ryn Wook, Sung Min, Eun Hyuk, Dong Hae, Shin Dong and Lee Teuk give unforgettable performances with vocal sonority and the agile and exciting dance.

They start the show with catchy songs that thirsty, U, It’s You, She’s Dangerous, Angela, Miracle, and Disco Drive Out Dancing.

Presentations continued with the song Baby Baby, My Beautiful, Give Up, lnsomnia, Forgive Me, What If, Ibyui Noon Sipni, Honey, Winter Sonata’s OST, Don Don’t, Twins, Our Love, Puff the Magic Dragon and Sick of Love.

They also sing the song Who Am I, Blur Tomorrow, Super Girl, Shining Star, Sorry Sorry, Chu, Rock-n-Go, Honey Jar, Za Ma Pa Party, Carnival, Wonder Boy and Marry You.

Each presentation alternately with the performance sub-group of Super Junior KRY, Super Junior-M, Super Junior-T and Super Junior-Happy, and also inserted sketches of those who influence our hearts.

They not only can sing and dance well, but some of Suju can play a musical instrument with a melodious and highlighted during a solo performance.

Also performing is the invitation of Suju, Henry Lau gave a stunning performance with the song Sonata Temptation.

Presentation of the song Puff the Magic Dragon is influence our hearts when the handsome boy-man is also a sketch-style children’s theater, complete with a cute animal costume.

More exciting, the stadium looks like a sky full of stars when the crowd present when the white lights on Suju singing their hits of Shining Star.

Among other surprises was when a fresh Suju members dress like women and women imitating the style when they sing the songs of Chu.

Of course the song their most hits when this is sung Sorry Sorry, all those present were screaming and singing along with them once.

Overall, the concert Super Junior The 2nd Asia Tour Super Show 2 Live In Australia 2010 was a great concert.

Stage of the paper and visual toys and helped spark fireworks show singing and dancing their existing property is.

Although no language barriers as they speak and sing in Korean, but viewers still felt great and enthralled with their performance.

Praise be to the organizers of Redstar Marctensia Presents and for successfully bringing a large group of talent is holding a concert here so all the ticket sold.

After Malaysia, Suju will hold a concert in Manila, the Philippines and several other Asian countries.

I tried to translate this article as accurately as possible ,please forgive any mistakes
Original Source: Utusan Malaysia


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