Kim Heechul returning to Radio after 4 years, personally inviting Lee DaHae, Kang JiHwa, & Sulli

credit: tvdaily & sjbluecn
& E U N F I ~ ☆

On the 22nd at 3pm, SBS held an “SBS Radio Spring Change” Press Conference in Seoul.
Kim Heechul said “Coming back after 4 years, there’s a different feeling, guests were all personally invited.”

Kim Heechul said “Kang JiHwa and Lee DaHae are in planning” and said “also planning on having F(x)’s Sulli”

and then said “Before I caused a lot of trouble for others during Radio, so this time I hope I can be helpful.”

This Press Conference was MCed by POWERFM “Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School”‘s Kim Chang Ryul, and also presented “Sweet Sorrow tenten Club”‘s DJ’s song “Sweet Sorrow”.

Kim Heechul will use this radio program to present a kind and a “not bad friend” to treat listeners. This is a preview to the way his radio will be soothing.

SBS PowerFM (107.7MHz) “Kim Heechul’s Young Street” begins 8PM and will target the 1020, and have a pleasant time.


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