Hangeng Sohu Full Interview (Eng. Summary)

»» It’s mostly just what the preview said.. but the mc asked about any future plans after the termination, HG said he doesn’t know for sure.

»» Also MC asked if HG wants to work with another Ent company or create his own.. HG doesn’t really know but he hopes to work with a company that will give him fair contract….

»» they are talking as if the contract is terminated and HG’s definately moving on

»» HG also said he can’t give up being on stage (on camera i suppose) since he was doing it he was 13..

»» MC: do you feel lonely since you’re alone here by yourself? HG: I miss them.. (or I will miss them)

»» HG: Idk how to say this..even if i’m like this (in a situation like this) but we’re friends. I hope things work out for them

Translation: Chrissy @ TwELFs.com


»» He says he’s been resting and learning new things, the interviewer asks him if he’d like to learn English and he says he really thinks English is important and wants to improve on it

»» And he’s also been working out! lol.

»» His daily routine has pretty much been a lot of excercising (did I spell that right?) and he’s been practicing his dance, too.

»» …And he hopes that a “new Han Geng” will come out of this.

Translation: fuckyeahhangeng

Basically, he’s been resting and studying. He’s been studying English cuz it was useful and he’s been working out and the MC wanted him to show off a lil but he was shy so the MC settled with poking him. Routine: After getting up, he left for some lesson at 10 am (my lack of chinese vocab doesn’t help) after that he eats than at 1 pm he starts working out than rests a lil then goes to his english lesson

Translation: sesshyro


»» Han Geng says he’s still waiting for the results of the case to come out, and as soon as they do, he will immediately let everyone know

»» He’s left everything to his lawyer now, he hopes for a good outcome

»» The interviewer asks him when the results will come out, Han Geng says it will be soon. When he asks if it will be out by the end of March, Han Geng says that he can’t answer for sure

Translation: fuckyeahhangeng

The MC invites him to talk about his lawsuit. HK says that he’s waiting as well. He has given everything to his lawyer already and he says that we would be the first to know the results when they come out. He says that he’s pretty confident about winning. About the rest, he will leave it to his lawyer to compromise. HK says it shouldn’t be too long before it’s settled. MC asks him if it can be settled for end March he’s says he doesn’t know. it depends on the court (?)

Translation: sesshyro


»» He says that he doesn’t know exactly what he will be doing if the case goes smoothly for him and he gets his freedom, he’ll wait for the right chances and see what happens

»» But, he also says that he really wants to be an actor, but at the same time he doesn’t want to throw away all his years of dancing and singing, since he’s been doing it since he was a kid

»» In addition, Han Geng says that he has no plans as of now to join any other specific company, but if he does, he hopes it’ll be one that will treat him well.

Translation: fuckyeahhangeng

[I’m unsure here about a word and it could twist the whole meaning of his words] MC asks that if he wins and is free from his contract, what will he do in the future(?) HK says he doesn’t necessarily need to do something in the futur (?) He says he will act depending on what opportunities are given to him. HK has always wanted to be an actor and he’s been taking classes. MC jokes that he wants to be a singer and they should switch places. HK doesn’t want to stop performing on stage since he’s been performing on stage since he was 13. MC wishes for his dream to come true than says something about how a single person’s power isn’t enough all the time and he may need some companies(?) to manage things for him. He then asks him if he has thought of joining another company, another group or forming his own once he’s free from his contract. HK says he hasn’t thought of it yet, but he wishes to find a talented company to work together with

Translation: sesshyro


»» Nothing case-related in this part, it’s just them talking about auditions and some group called MIC?

Translation: fuckyeahhangeng

[Really not sure about this part cuz I’ve never went to China and know nothing about their TV shows] MC asks him if he’s been keeping an eye on shows that train future idols and HK names a few trainees(?) that have caught his attention and praises them for their talent and knowledge. They talk about a band called MIC and HK says that the program is very complete as training

Translation: sesshyro


»» The interviewer asked him if he’d consider joining any other groups/bands, and he answered this really vaguely, so I can’t really say if he meant a definite “yes” or “no” answer. He said that he would like to collaborate with others because he can learn from them, but he didn’t say specifically whether or not he’d want to join another group, I do think he was avoiding directly answering that question.

»» The interviewer asks him if he, being by himself now, ever feels lonely. Han Geng says that he misses/will miss everyone a lot and hopes that they can continue to do well and that they can get better and better.

»» He promises that he will keep working hard for everyone and that he’ll keep bringing the fans his best performances, and he’s very thankful for everyone that has supported him and hasn’t given up on him.

Translation: fuckyeahhangeng

Source: Sohu Official Website// reup by twelfs.com//trans cr to users @ youtube+twelfs


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