The end of the generation of golden idols | The idol that you’ve used to know is dead

These days it’s becoming more difficult for idols to maintain support from the wide general public without doing advertisements or entertainment shows.

Therefore within their fandom they’re idols, but to the general public they are idols who are entertaining. Although Super Junior received the Golden Disk Daesang, its members Leeteuk and Eunhyuk received SBS’s Entertainment Rookie award. In their fandom they are worshipped grand prize winners, but in front of the public they have to become entertainers who can do anything. Even people in the fandom know that though they might reach No.1 on music charts through their new single, in the industry, it will not make them well respected top stars. When Nick Khun was dating an ordinary woman on the Mnet Show “Scandal”, 2pm’s fans wrote “That’s my man’s work”, and when Super Junior was doing individual activities, some fans said “It’s my hubby’s outside activities”. As the fandom becomes less commercially influential, they can’t own their idols anymore. As the idols reach out into dramas and entertainment, and do more performances overseas than in their own country, the fans will have to keep up with their idols’ other work.

Explanation about this article in here

source : 10asiae and sj-market
translated by superlover♫
thanks for helping with the trans
thanks to ♥ jubee ♥ @ for extra checking & rephrasing
may take out with full credit and no adding your own credit


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