Choi Siwon starring is popular in China

The latest TV Show in SBS which Choi Siwon from Super Junior had the main role for acting had became a topic in China .

Choi Siwon plays as a main guy character named Sung Min Woo. The character is a cold and cocky top star.
Siwon’s China Fans had made a lot of signs during Super Show 2 in Shanghai which held on the 6th of march . Those signs were showing Oh ! My Lady and Choi Siwon’s name in the act “Sung Min Woo”. Besides, there is also a lot of supporting material wonderfully made by Siwon’s fans . This had been an aid to the eyes .

Although the show had not been broadcasted on TV , but Siwon’s Fans in China had used many ways to show their support towards the drama such as writing “Oh My Lady broadcast persistency !” , “ Sung Star Fighting !” “Oh ! my Sung Min Woo”. Through these words we see that they really concern about this drama and also found out that Choi Siwon had great popularity in Asia .

Besides, when “Oh ! My Lady” preview was on air, it has been on the top of several search engines . In other search engines, this topic had also rising on the number of searching . This is because there was a part where Choi Siwon shows his abs in the preview . Truthly we had feel the “Choi Siwon effect”.

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