Super Junior’s Heechul is the most wanted college student

For Korean students, the school year starts in March. If you were to pick a celebrity you’d like to start college with, who would it be?

On Bugs music site, they held a poll titled, “What male singer would brighten up the welcome party for the freshmen?” Super Junior’s Kim Heechul won with 29.88% votes.

I can’t help but agree since this boy is quite crazy which makes him one of the most hilarious members of Super Junior. Netizens commented, “I think Heechul will be the funnest. He would make us play random games.”

Big Bang’s Daesung came in second. He’s definitely showed the nation the funny side of him on Family Outing and other shows. Netizens said, “Daesung would be so entertaining. He has a lot of talent and he’s funny,” and Look at Me Gwisoon is already a regular at a welcome party.”

Of course our new variety show idol is included as well. Jo Kwon of 2AM took third place. Netizens wrote, “Jo Kwon means good mood. Good mood means Jo Kwon. Kkab Kwon is the best~!”



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